Rescue 22 was created at the beginning of 2015 by our founder, SGT Roman-Perez, an Army retired veteran from Fort Campbell, KY. SGT. Roman’s vision was to create a group where veterans of all eras would get together and support each other as brothers and sisters. To encourage our veterans battling Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) to seek help through Physical Health and Wellness Programs. For his team to be mentors and to provide encouragement in our veteran’s journey of rehabilitation. To support our military community and to empower the family members who struggle with the unknown wounds of their veterans by providing guidance and support. But most important, our mission is to STOP Veterans from committing suicide each day. Roman suffer from chronic PTSD himself and he has used cycling and triathlons as a method of rehabilitation. That’s where the idea of creating Rescue 22 born.

On January 2016, together with our 5 board members, all wounded veterans, and three honorary volunteers, we took the step of making Rescue 22 a Non-Profit Organization under the IRS code (IRC) Section 501c3. We became an all 100% volunteer/no salary organization to help and support our veterans and their families. We work directly with veterans everyday, we incorporate a “pen-pal” program called “Angels 4 Heroes” where we sent letters and cards to veterans, active duty and family members to let them know they are know alone.  We help our homeless in our communities with food and clothing and we sponsor race events to veterans with no resources to cover for registrations fees. We are more than just a team or a group, we are a family and we are here for you. Our staff is committed to ensure that those who reach out are heard and guided to the help they need. We are here to help rescue those who first rescued us and to let them know that they are not alone.

We are Rescue 22 and we STAND 4 Life, Would You?

The Rescue 22 Team